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Synthergine Blood Test Results

Here are several sets of blood tests that ‘BB Monad’ had done before and after his use of Synthetek’s Synthergine – Liver Protectant.

An extreme improvement overall but even more so in the key blood value associated with declining while being on cycle.

You can see the article posted and what ‘BB Monad’ said about Synthergine here:


Check out these amazing photos. Incredible fat loss in every photo and significant muscle gains aswell.

StevenGFH Weight Loss

Take a look at the drastic changes SteveGFH has made to his body, he has achieved incredible fat loss despite being a Type 1 diabetic with the use of Synthetine – Lipid Transporter.

See what Steven had to say about his experience here:

Phil Hernon Client – bmcjames

Bmcjames transformation took only 10 weeks with Phil Hernon’s guidance.

His photos show progress that is nothing short of amazing!

You can see what bmcjames and others said about his weight loss here:

Mainevent’s Synthelator Photos

Mainevent is a national level bodybuilder in the USA and has been using Synthelator for many contest preperations. His photos speak for themselves!

You can see what Mainevent and others have said about Synthelator here:

Bulldog21′s Synthelator Photos

Here are Bulldog21’s before and after photos from his Synthelator application. The difference between the 2 photos is quite staggering as you can see he instantly has that ‘roadmap’ look.

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Phidias Contest Prep – Synthelator

Before every Bodybuilding contest athletes will use some type of vasodilator to get that crazy ‘roadmap’ veiny look and there is no product more effective then Synthetek’s Synthelator for achieving that crazy look.

Check out Phidias’ legs just before he stepped on stage for his contest.

See what phidias had to say about Synthelator here:

Mike1107 – Syntheselen

Here is a photo of Mike1107 after using Synthetek’s Syntheselen. Not only does help tremendously with speeding up your metabolism and losing weight it also dramatically increases vascularity. Mike’s legs speak for themselves!

You can see what Mike and others have to say about Syntheselen here:

Maldorf Syntherol Log – Biceps

Maldorf used Syntherol  and got excellent results even though he used it during a dieting period. He lost over 15 pounds of fat yet his arms still came out at 19inches at the end of the Syntherol cycle.

You can read his log and what others had to say here:

IFBB Pro Heinz Senior – Client

Heinz Senior is an accomplished IFBB Professional bodybuilder aswell as highly sought after personal trainer who has used and openly endorses Syntherol as the best and only Site Enhancing Oil. Here is one of his clients who used Syntherol in his preparation for a competition. Not only did he get leaner his arms actually got bigger by the end of his diet!

You can see what Heinz and others said about this client here: